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inese▓ Premier Wen Jiabao has urged the once▓ impoverished northwestern Gansu Province to co

ntinue developing industries with loca▓l features while ensuring the safety of local ec▓ological system. Premier Wen goes to the Dingxi potato trading center in Dingxi City,northwest China's Gansu Province,Oct. 17, 2009. "It is still the most deprived place ▓in the country as many farmers make less than 1,200 yuan (176 U.S. dollars

) a year," he▓ said. However, Wen said, "

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The road is better; children have no problem going to sch▓ool; medical insurance is there and

we will work on the old-age insurance scheme. We also have a▓ water project that will hopefully solve the problem of water shortage." Profile: Wang HeAssist▓ant to Village Chief in Sanjie Village, Kangzhuang Town, Y▓anqing CountyHe graduated from the Department of Political Science and Law at Beijing University of Agricultu▓re.After graduation, he served as village off▓icial and stay for another termAs one of the first batch of Beijing鈥檚 college graduate village officials, Wang came to Sanjie Village, Kangzhuang▓ Town, in 2006. During the past three years Wang transformed from a law graduate into a sweet potato expert. Reta▓ining his post as

a village official upon expiration of hi

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s term, Wang made up his mind to carry on the cause of promoting colorful sweet potatoes.Scolding nearly made Wang quitWang is from a peasant family of Miyun County. "I was born and raised i▓n the countryside," Wang said. He believed that he is a rural boy and therefore capable of adapt▓ing to rural work more quickly than other co▓

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llege graduate village officials from citi▓es. However, he soon discovered that he had bee▓n over-confident.Wang served as the assistant to the Village Chief, and the Village Chief was his dir▓ect superior. "He had a tall, thin figure, big e▓yes and bu

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